New Mugshots in Washington County, UT - Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Did someone you know get arrested in Washington County, UT on 12/06/2018? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 15 total mugshots from Washington County, UT on December 06, 2018.

Washington County, UT - Thursday, December 6th, 2018
  • Gabriel E Bosia - Dui-Drive Under Influence Alcohol_drug
    Unsafe Vehicle
  • Jacky L Cox - Stolen Vehicle-Possess Or Receive
  • Joseph M Dominquez - Windshield_reduced Visibility
    Warrant-Out Of State_ncic
    Drug-Possess Mj,Sched 3,4,5,Spice Bm
    Paraphernalia-Possess Bm
    Dl Drive On Suspended_revoked
  • Michael W Levy - Warrant-No Bail Accepted
  • Ashley Manygoats - Dui-Drive Under Influence Alcohol_drug
    Improper Lane Travel
    Alcohol-Open Container
  • Dhanifu A Okapoku-Agyeman - Warrant-Cash Only
  • Brielle Reagan - Warrant-Cash Only
    Drug-Produce Schedule 1,2,GHB,Cs Analog
    Possess Drug In Unlabeled Container
    Paraphernalia-Possess Bm
  • Greek A Sanagustin - Warrant-Cash Only
  • Billy W Sinisgalli - Stolen Vehicle-Possess Or Receive
    Warrant-Out Of State_ncic
  • Sean B Stgeorge - Speed
    License Plate Visible 100 Feet
    Signal-2 Seconds Required
    Dl Suspended_non Drug Or Alcohol Relate
    Warrant-Cash Only
  • Lindsey Tebbs - Dv-Criminal Mischief-Less $500
    Dv-Presence Of A Child
  • Michael S Torres - 72 Hour Hold - Probation
  • Teri J Vernlund - Warrant-Cash Only
    Dl Drive On Suspended_revoked
  • Tyler J Vernlund - Warrant-Cash Or Bond
    Warrant-Cash Only
  • Jacob J Woodruff - Dl Drive On Suspended_revoked
    Dui-With Child Under 16 In Vehicle
    Paraphernalia-Possess Bm
    Alcohol-Open Container
    Drug-Possess Schedule 1,2, Analog
    Endanger Child_elder-With Drug