New Mugshots in Mercer DOC, NJ - Friday, December 7th, 1990

Did someone you know get arrested in Mercer DOC, NJ on 12/07/1990? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 2 total mugshots from Mercer County, NJ on December 07, 1990.

Mercer DOC, NJ - Friday, December 7th, 1990
  • Michael Brooks - Murder
    Weapons/Devices Prohibited
    Possession Of WPNS For Unlwfl Purposes
    Weapons/Unlawful Possession Of Weapon /3
  • Jessie L Sharp - Receiving Stolen Property
    Credit Cards
    Receiving Stolen Property
    Resisting Arrest-Eluding Police Offcer/4
    Weapons/Unlawful Possession Of Weapon /3
    Criminal Attempt, Uncoded Chapter No /1
    Receiving Stolen Property
    Parole Violator