New Mugshots in Desoto County, MS - Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Did someone you know get arrested in Desoto County, MS on 04/30/2019? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 7 total mugshots from Desoto County, MS on April 30, 2019.

Desoto County, MS - Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
  • Jason Christopher Dean - Conspiracy To Commit Burglary Of A Dwelling, Breaking And Entering A Dwelling / House, Burglary Of Building Other Than Dwelling, Grand Larceny, Contempt Of Court/Fta (Misd), Violation Of Probation (Misd), Violation Of Probation
  • Joshua Richard Harris - Attempt To Commit Offense / Murder, Attempt To Commit Offense / Murder
  • Lisa Marie Payne - Poss. Of Controlled Substance - Felony
  • Charles Creekmore Scott - Poss. Of Heroin / Habitual (Fel), Violation Of Probation
  • Alfred William Stevens - Sexual Battery (Fel), Sexual Battery (Fel)
  • Antonio Tareek Taylor - Transfer/Distribute/Sale Of Meth, Transfer/Distribute/Sale Of Meth, Conspiracy To Commit / Sell Methamphetamine, Contempt Of Court, Violation Of Probation, Violation Of Probation (Fel), Failure To Comply With Provisions Of Non-Adjudication
  • Douglas Tindall - Shoplifting / Habitual