New Mugshots in Campbell County, KY - Friday, December 8th, 2017

Did someone you know get arrested in Campbell County, KY on 12/08/2017? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 13 total mugshots from Campbell County, KY on December 08, 2017.

Campbell County, KY - Friday, December 8th, 2017
  • Yolanda Grace Anderson - Criminal Trespassing-3RD Degree
    Tbut Or Disp Shoplifting U/$500
    Non Payment Of (DSTL,LTBP)
  • William Lucas Bryan - Probation Violation (For Felony Offense)
  • Troy Austin Cromer - Traff In Cont Sub, 1ST Degree, 2ND Or > - (< 2 GMS Methamphetamine)
    Failure To Appear (DSS,Osl)
    Persistent Felony Offender I
    Non Payment Of Fines (Ftpic)
  • David Michael Darling - Failure To Appear( Fonori,Nol,Gofn)
  • Terry Lynn Gibson - Failure To Wear Seat Belts
    Operating On Sus Or Rev Oper License
    Contempt Of Court (Abused/Neglected Child)
    Contempt Of Court (PCS (Cocaine) Pretrial Violation)
  • Henry Edgar Gregory - Failure To Appear (Ai)
  • Zeb Kay Kelley - Tbut Or Disp Shoplifting U/$500
    Possession Of Burglary Tools
    Poss Of Marijuana
    Drug Paraphernalia - Buy/Possess
  • Tadd Ellis Lankford - Poss Cont Sub 1ST Deg, 1ST Off (Methamphetamine)
    Drug Paraphernalia - Buy/Possess
  • Howard Keith Oliver - Non Payment Of Fines (Oosl)
  • Kenneth Ray Payne - Alcohol Intox In A Public Place (1ST & 2ND Offense
  • William Maurice Tansey - Failure To Appear(PCS1,Pc)
  • Rachel Ann Taylor - Probation Violation (PDP)
  • Tyrod Tyrone Williams - Failure To Appear
    Promoting Contraband - 1ST Degree
    Drug Paraphernalia - Buy/Possess
    Giving Officer False Name Or Address
    Poss Cont Sub 1ST Deg 1ST Off (Drug Unspecified)
    Poss Cont Sub 1ST Deg 1ST Off (Cocaine)