New Mugshots in Gordon County, GA - Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Did someone you know get arrested in Gordon County, GA on 01/11/2017? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 12 total mugshots from Gordon County, GA on January 11, 2017.

Gordon County, GA - Wednesday, January 11th, 2017
  • Glen Barrett - Child Support-Purge $9,234.00
  • Benjamin Carver - Probation Violation-
  • Mark Cox - Dui - Driving Under The Influence Of Alc-Ohol
    Operating Low Speed Vehicle-40-6-362
  • Damian Escobar - Simple Battery - Family Violence-(Pre Book)
  • Rafael Faust - Probation Violation Org Off, Poss Of-Marijuana, Poss W/Intent To Dist Marij.
  • Della Henderson - Housed For Calhoun P.D.-No License 40-5-20
    Housed For Calhoun P.D.-No Insurance 40-6-10
    Housed For Calhoun P.D.-Maximum Limits (57 In 35) 40-6-181
  • Kevin Holsomback - Failure To Appear For Fingerprintable Ch-Arge- O/C;Giving False Name
  • Christopher Hounshell - Fleeing/Attempting To Elude A Police Off-. For Felony Offense -/Fel/-
    No Drivers License-
    Failure To Maintain Lane-
    Slower Drivers Must Stay In Right Lane-
    Reckless Driving-
    Littering Highway-
    Faliure To Obey Traffic Devices Or Polic-
    Failure To Use Signal-
    Possess. Of Arms By Convicted-Felons
    Fail To Maintain Lane-
    Driving Without A Valid License (Misdeme-Anor)
    Stop Signs And Yield Signs-
    Serious Injury By Vehicle-
    Vehicles To Drive On Right Sid-E Of Roadway; Exceptions
    Use Of Safty Belts In Passenge-R Vehicles
    Driving To Fast For Conditions-
    No Proof Of Insurance-
  • Estalee Long - Probation Violation-Pre-Book
  • Donald McClure - Here Fore Court-
  • Tonya Smith - Here For Court-
  • Brandon Woodard - Housed For Calhoun P.D.-City Probation (Fleeing And Eluding)