New Mugshots in Fulton County, GA - Tuesday, February 1st, 2000

Did someone you know get arrested in Fulton County, GA on 02/01/2000? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 4 total mugshots from Fulton County, GA on February 01, 2000.

Fulton County, GA - Tuesday, February 1st, 2000
  • Jerome Boyd - U/S Crim Trespass
  • Alger S Coleman - Driv W/Suspended License
    Improper Lane Change
    Leaving Scene Accident
  • Antonio Davis - Flee Attmpt Elude Police
    U/S Poss Cocaine Wid
    U/S Sim Bat On Police
    Tampering With Evidence
    Giving FLS Info To Police
    Reckless Driving
    Driv Wrong Side Of Road
    Fleeing Or Att To Elude
    Ga Dept Of Juvenile
    Fail Stop For Stop Sign
    Driving W/O License
    Operating Car W/O Tag
    Poss Cociane
  • Andre S Guerra - T X Recv STLN Prop.
    Simple Battery
    Cobb Coso
    U S Prob W#20020418