New Mugshots in Pulaski County, AR - Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Did someone you know get arrested in Pulaski County, AR on 12/22/2012? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 17 total mugshots from Pulaski County, AR on December 22, 2012.

Pulaski County, AR - Saturday, December 22nd, 2012
  • Kevin Scott Basham - Fta (Failure To Appear)
    Hold For Other Agency
    Misdemeanor Commitment
  • Terrance James Booker - Absconding
  • Mallori D Coleman - Forgery - 2ND Degree
  • Linda Edwards - Fta (Failure To Appear)
  • Johnny Dewayne Elgin - Endangering Welfare Of Minor-1ST Degree
    Viol Of Omnibus Dwi Act - 1ST Offense
    Refusal To Submit To Chemical Test
    Reckless Driving
    Viol Of Child Passenger Protection Law
    Failure To Pay Fine
  • Fredrick Faison - Hold For Parole Officer
  • Cedric Luckadue - Failure To Serve Jail Time/NTFD Inmate Work Coordinators
    Misdemeanor Commitment
  • Farad Muhammad - Contempt Of Court
    Fta (Failure To Appear)
  • Christina P Parnell - Hindering Apprehension Or Prosecution
    Obstructing Governmental Operations
    Poss/Use Of Drug Paraphernalia
    Tampering With Physical Evidence
  • London M Reid - Terroristic Act
    Probation Revocation
    Hold For Other Agency
    Criminal Mischief - 1ST Degree
  • Lee Matthew Spivey - Contempt Of Court
    Failure To Serve Jail Time
  • Randy Tate - Failure To Pay Fine Misd
    Probation Revocation
    Misdemeanor Commitment
  • Dennis Taylor - Technical Violation
  • Catorious Danielle Thomas - Fta (Failure To Appear)
    Failure To Pay Rent/Vacate
  • Fritz Alan Turner - Loitering
    Fta (Failure To Appear)
  • Timothy Wilson - Forgery - 2ND Degree
    Poss Of Marijuana
    Poss Of Drug Paraphernelia
    Obstructing Governmental Operations
    Fta (Failure To Appear)
    Violation/Revocation (M)
    Contempt Of Court
    Failure To Pay
    Misdemeanor Commitment
  • Desiree Anna Wyly - Domestic Battering 2ND Degree
    Hold For Other Agency