To the Busted! Community;

It’s our vision to make the Busted! Grid™ the premier crime information network for arrest information, local crime incidents and sex offender registry. Our goal is to provide greater transparency to the activities of local law enforcement and provide never-before available criminal justice information to the public.

Urban City at Sunset We are working to synergize multiple sources of law enforcement data in one convenient location for the education of the public. As we expand our network of crime information, you will be able to view not only arrest information, but also the outcome of the arrests, incident reports, sex offender information and other local court records customized to your locality.

This will be nothing less than a criminal justice information revolution.

Never before has the public had access to the inner workings of law enforcement. Public information that has been stored in police stations and courthouses is, for the first time in history, being made available by Busted! free of charge to the general public.

Every technological innovation brings about concerns over privacy. We understand that for every mother searching for sex offenders in their community, there is a recently arrested drunk driver concerned about his data being online. We understand that contact with the criminal justice system is not a moment most are proud of.

At Busted! we strive to provide the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information possible.

But in some cases, we realize for the greater good of providing this information, we receive requests to be removed from our database. We are especially sensitive to cases where records should have been sealed or expunged. Given the very nature of expunction (no official order is made public) it is difficult for us to proactively remove records that have already been released to us by sheriff and police agencies; however, we make every effort to remove that information when it is brought to our attention. On the other hand, we do not allow the removal of serious violent or sex crime arrests that have not been exonerated or found not guilty.

Our goal is transparency, not censorship of government information.

If a situation is important enough for law enforcement to make an arrest, then that data will most likely end up in our database. Our commitment to transparency makes the Busted! Grid more than a valuable research site. For example, Busted! has proven to be a valuable asset to local law enforcement with the introduction of the Busted! Most Wanted and Busted! Tip Line – two resources created solely and expressly for the benefit of Crime Stoppers and local law enforcement. Our dedication to providing criminal justice has led to breakthroughs in cold cases, and numerous tips on robberies, sex crimes and even murders. Crimes have been solved because of the work we do and the involvement from Busted! users. Beyond bringing criminals to justice, Busted! has also played a pivotal role in reuniting families. Through our site, a mother was able to locate her missing daughter who had been suffering from drug addiction and gone missing.

Our mission is to make crime awareness an everyday practice.

As we continue to bring you publicly available crime incident, sex offender registry and arrest information, we hope to begin changing attitudes about crime information and personal safety. It's our mission at Busted! to help make crime awareness part of your everyday life in keeping yourself and family safe – just the same as locking your doors, setting your alarms, protecting your identity, hugging your kids, etc. Crimes are occurring around you and your loved ones every second of every day. What are you doing to stay aware, informed, and safe?

At Busted!, we believe you have the right to remain informed™.