New Mugshots in Camden County, NJ - Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Did someone you know get arrested in Camden County, NJ on 08/27/2011? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 21 total mugshots from Camden County, NJ on August 27, 2011.

Camden County, NJ - Saturday, August 27th, 2011
  • Benjamin Alford - Unlaw Poss Weap-Rifle Id Required
    Weap Poss-Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Certain Persons Not To Have Weapons
    Receiving Stolen Property-Know
    Fail To Maint. Lamps
    Driving On The Revoked List
  • Angel Alicea - Contempt - Violate Order
    Offensive Touching
  • Shawn D Brown - Non-Support
  • Scott Duncan - Receiving Stolen Property-Know
    Municipal Ordinance
    Driving On The Revoked List
  • Vincent F Filipelli - Racketeering
  • Michael Q Gebert - Use Paraphernalia, Dp
    Obstruct Administration Of Law
    Agg Asslt-SMPL Asslt-Leo
    Disarming Law Enforcement Officer
    Resisting Arrest By Physical Force Or Violence
    Crim Mischief-Damage Property
    Crim Trespass-Enter/Remain
  • Ronald Hauser - Resist Arrest-Violence
  • Matthew E Hines - Speeding
    Municipal Ordinance
    Theft - Between $200. - $500.
    Shoplifting-Take, Carry Away Merchandise
    Driving On The Revoked List
    Use Paraphernalia, Dp
  • Lamont Jones - Robbery-Bi
    Fraudulent Use Of Credit Card
    No Drivers License
    Offensive Touching
    Hinder Pros-False Info
    Fail To Maint. Lamps
    D.L. Ins Or Reg Not In Poss
  • Christopher Klemash - Failure To Have Auto Insurance
    Failure To Surrender Driver'S License
    Driving On The Revoked List
  • Lawrence R Lindsey - Shoplifting-Take, Carry Away Merchandise
    Municipal Ordinance
  • Ryan Lopresto - Reckless Driving
  • Erica Martin - Possession Of CDS
  • Amanda Payne - Fugitive From Justice
    Poss Mj<=50G,Hash<=5g D.P
    Use Paraphernalia, Dp
    Creates Dangerous Condition
    Agg Asslt-SMPL Asslt-Frstaid
  • Michael Preston - Burglary-Enter
    Theft By Unlaw Taking-Move
    Violation Of Probation Or Suspended Sentence
  • Jennifer Reed - Loitering Purpose Use, Possess Or Sell Drugs
    Shoplift*Dp* Container
    Use Paraphernalia, Dp
    Municipal Ordinance
    Hinder Own Pros-False Info Leo
  • Andrew Spencer - Poss SCHD I II III Iv
  • John Stone - Agg Assault
  • Tasha M Taylor - Driving On The Revoked List
  • Steven Teasley - Lewdness
    Agg Asslt-Simple Asslt Plus
    Resisting Arrest - 3RD Degree
    Fugitive From Justice
  • Christian Torres - Non-Support
    Violent Behavior
    D.L. Ins Or Reg Not In Poss