Missing Children

Last Updated: July 15th, 2013 3:49 PM

Did you know that over 2,000 children are reported missing in America every single day? While many of these missing children cases are closed quickly others remain open. In order to ensure that these kids aren't forgotten we regularly post updated information about missing children on our website and in our publications. We encourage our readers to help the families of these children by sharing this information with others in whatever way possible.

NameStatusAgeMissingMissing FromContact Agency
Endangered Missing: AHLITTA NORTH (LA) Ahlitta North
Endangered Missing 6 07/13/2013 Harvey, LA Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
Endangered Runaway: TYLER HENDRIX (IL) Tyler Hendrix
Endangered Runaway 17 07/08/2013 Chicago, IL Chicago Police Department
Endangered Missing: CRISTOBAL ALMONTE CORTEZ (CA) Cristobal Almonte Cortez
Endangered Missing 8 02/01/2013 Parlier, CA Parlier Police Department
Endangered Missing: DAFINE PEREZ (TX) Dafine Perez
Endangered Missing 7 06/26/2013 Eagle Pass, TX Eagles Pass Police Department
Endangered Missing: EDNA PEREZ (TX) Edna Perez
Endangered Missing 9 06/26/2013 Eagle Pass, TX Eagles Pass Police Department
Endangered Missing: LEVON WAMELING (NY) Levon Wameling
Endangered Missing 10 Month(s) 05/29/2013 Utica, NY Utica Police Department
(New York)
Endangered Missing: ELAINA STEINFURTH (OH) Elaina Steinfurth
Endangered Missing 1 06/02/2013 Toledo, OH Toledo Police Department
Endangered Runaway: QUINTIN HICKS (NV) Quintin Hicks
Endangered Runaway 15 05/23/2013 Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Endangered Runaway: DYLAN VONGSALY (CA) Dylan Vongsaly
Endangered Runaway 13 05/10/2013 Cairns Corner, CA Lindsay Police Department
Endangered Runaway: SAMANTHA FINCH (FL) Samantha Finch
Endangered Runaway 17 04/05/2013 Dade City, FL Hernando County Sheriff's Office
Endangered Runaway: WILLIAM PATIENT (FL) William Patient
Endangered Runaway 16 05/05/2013 Juno Beach, FL Juno Beach Police Department