New Mugshots in Saint Lucie County, FL - Friday, March 9th, 2012

Did someone you know get arrested in Saint Lucie County, FL on 03/09/2012? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 16 total mugshots from Saint Lucie County, FL on March 09, 2012.

Saint Lucie County, FL - Friday, March 9th, 2012
  • Alexander Eugene Andrews - Retail Theft
  • Richard Dontavius Angervil - Possession Of Marijuana W/Intenet To Sell
    Possession Of Paraphernelia
    Possess Marijuana Over 20 Grams Within 1000 Ft Of School
  • Juan Manual Arias - Battery Domestic
    Assault Domestic
  • Mary Kaye Badger - Nonmoving Traffic Viol DWLS 1ST Off
  • Tyler Brubaker - Possession Paraphernalia
    Concealed Handcuff Key
    Contributing Deliquency Minor
  • Samuel Phillip Davis - Court Order / Criminal Contempt
  • Erica Ann George - Dealing In Stolen Property
    Fraud-Imperson (False Id Secondhand Dealer 300 Dols Or More)
  • Michael Anthony George - Stolen Prop-Deal In ()
    Larc (Grand Theft 10K Less Than 20K Dols)
    Burgl (Unoccupied Dwelling Unarmed)
  • David L Johnson - A-Hold *Monroe Co* Violation Of Sexual Offender Registration
  • Ronald Pandohigingh - Aggrav Asslt W Deadly Weapon Without Intent To Kill*Domestic*
  • Cinnamon Rene Rawls - P/C Vop-Dui
    Domestic Simple Battery
  • Adrianna Nicole Rodriguez - Bob Grand Theft Of Motor Vehicle-Loyalty Bail Bonds-PWR#006-10016575 Dob 2/22/2012
    Bob Grand Theft 300 Less Than 5k Dols - Loyalty Bail Bonds-PWR#011-10016609 Dob 02/22/2012
  • Noah Ali Senat - A-Hold//Miami Dade//Cannabis/Purchase/Posn/W/Intent To Purchas-Cannabis/Possess/20 Greater Than Gram/Armed
  • Bruce Bernard Stone - Veh Theft (Grand Theft Of Motor Vehicle)
  • David Addison Whiticar - Nonmoving Traffic Viol (Knowingly Drive While Lic Suspended Revoked)
    Traffic Offense (Possess Display Etc Of Canc Revoked Etc Dr Lic)
    Pc Vop Poss Of Controlled Substance
  • Johnny L Wilkerson - Sale Of Cocaine
    Poss With Intent To Sell Or Deliver Cocaine